Resignation & Exit Process

An employee resigning from employment is requested to submit a letter of resignation to his or her immediate supervisor and Human Resources at least two weeks prior to the effective date of resignation. Regular status employees and postdoctoral associates who are eligible for benefits must contact the Research Foundation Human Resources Department to schedule a benefits exit interview prior to their last day of employment. When an employee leaves the Research Foundation, the employee should request an exit interview after the supervisor receives notice of resignation. The purpose of this interview is to review your eligibility for benefit continuation, to ensure that all necessary forms are completed, to collect all company property that may be in your possession, and to provide an opportunity to share your job-related experiences. Exit interviews are conducted with all regular status employees, all postdoctoral associates, and all employees with a security clearance upon separation of employment. The exit interview is intended to provide information about arrangements for issuing the final paycheck, conversion of benefits to nongroup plans, and the option to continue health, dental and cafeteria plan benefits in accordance with the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) and for updating security clearance information. For information about the continuation of benefits under COBRA, see Continuing Health/Dental Coverage in “Section 6 -Benefits.” When an employee leaves the Research Foundation it is their responsibility to:

  • return keys to Facilities Management or follow supervisor's instructions;
  • return library materials and pay fines;
  • check parking decal refunds with Parking and Transportation Services and pay parking fines;
  • pay outstanding advances, debts, tuition assistance, and make final check arrangements with the Research Foundation;
  • return equipment, supplies and records to supervisor.

Employees are encouraged to provide feedback about their employment experience at the Research Foundation by scheduling an exit interview with ODU Research Foundation’s Human Resources department. This opportunity is provided for the employee to confidentially discuss his/her experiences as a Research Foundation employee.

Rehire Status

Employees returning to the Research Foundation may request consideration for re-instatement of the original employment date when the break in service does not exceed six months. The Director of Human Resources and Executive Director are authorized to review requests and determine eligibility, at the sole discretion of the Research Foundation.

Reference Checks

The Research Foundation Human Resources Department will provide employment verification on current and former employees. Verification information regarding position or job classification title(s), and dates of employment is made available on request. Requests for any other personnel information regarding salary, performance, and other employment factors will generally not be released without written authorization and waiver from the subject current or former employee. The Research Foundation is legally required to respond to law enforcement agencies, courts, and social service agencies with or without a signed authorization from the subject employee. The identity of the organization requesting information, and their legal right to receive the information, will be verified before the information is released.

Separation Process

An employee is responsible for providing advance notice and written notification of his/her intent to resign to his/her hiring supervisor as soon as the decision has been made to separate from Research Foundation employment. The written notification should provide an explanation for the resignation and identify the last day of work and state the effective date of separation. Reasonable advance notice of resignation is at least two weeks, and 30 days for management positions.