Incident Reporting Hotline

Self-monitoring and reporting of violations of the Foundation Standards of Conduct and/or ethical violations is a critical part of the Foundation’s Ethics Program and Standards of Conduct.

If any Foundation employee has reason to believe that a violation of the Standards of Conduct or any other Foundation procedure(s) has occurred, is likely to occur, or has a serious question about whether such a violation has occurred, it is their obligation to contact at least one of the following persons or groups within their particular entity or Foundation:

Internal Incident Reporting:

  • Write to the Incident Reporting Hotline at
  • Contact the Executive Director, Shannon Robinson, at
  • Report to your immediate supervisor, or if concerned about the actions or reaction of your immediate supervisor, the applicable Principal Investigator (“P.I.”) or Program Director
  • Contact a Foundation Manager, Executive Director or Board of Trustee member
  • You may also contact the Foundation’s legal counsel, Daniel R. Weckstein,Vandeventer Black LLP, at (757) 446-8610 or email:

External Incident Reporting

  • There are also other outside hotlines that you may use to report suspected ethical violation. Among them is the Department of Defense Hotline. Numbers for such hotlines are posted on Foundation bulletin boards.

Safety Concerns

  • If you see concerning behavior or feel unsafe, please report it to ODU police: 9-1-1 then 683-4000