Old Dominion University Research Foundation collaborates with the university for the successful administration of sponsored programs by providing responsive and cost-effective support.


  • We will be recognized for our knowledge and competency.
  • We will be highly regarded for our guidance and ethical compliance.
  • We will ensure good policy and adherence to regulations.


  • We will establish clear objectives and responsibilities.
  • We will attract and retain talented employees who are empowered within clear guidelines and supported in their roles.


  • We will encourage mutual respect and collaboration.
  • We will foster a genuinely happy work environment.
  • We will inspire loyalty and commitment to the organization,the research
    community and to one another.
  • We will maintain a sense of duty and responsibility to support the successful
    outcomes of the research community.
Image Slide 1
STEM Takes Flight
Image Slide 2
Graduate Student Preparing Samples for Cancer Immunology Studies
Image Slide 3
Cubesat Constellation Deployment
Image Slide 4
Bio Chem Lab
Image Slide 5
Cubesat Constellation Proton Therapy
Image Slide 6
Sampling Sediment in Sea Ice
Image Slide 7
Philippines PIRE Project
Image Slide 8
Dr Victoria Hill and her team installed two WARM buoys that measure light, temperature, and salinity under the ice.
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Research Portal (Authentication Required)

Old Dominion University Research Foundation’s web-based interface allows authorized users access to sponsored project, discretionary and other cost centers financial reports and information. The system provides a single location for payroll authorization requests and new reporting options for departments and colleges. System access is authenticated through a user’s MIDAS ID. Information access is based upon defined roles and provides for hierarchal reporting to Academic Units.


Research Foundation Proposals – preaward@odu.edu
Research Foundation Awards – rfawards@odu.edu
Research Foundation Invoices – rfinvoices@odu.edu
Research Foundation Travel & Reimbursements – rfreimburse@odu.edu
Research Foundation Timesheets – rftimesheets@odu.edu
Research Foundation Purchasing – rfpurchasing@odu.edu
Research Foundation Payroll – rfpayroll@odu.edu
Research Foundation HR – rfhr@odu.edu