PI Tool Kit

Post-Award Services has developed this PI Tool Kit as a quick reference guide to assist in your research project. The are many additional pages in the Research Foundation web page that will provide you with in-depth information related to operating procedures. The links below will provide information, forms and guidance that will help you get started on your research project. For additional information please contact your assigned Post-Award team member.

Hiring & Paying Staff

Research Foundation policy requires that no work is authorized until appropriate paperwork is completed (payroll authorization, new hire information and set-up, recruitment, etc.). If you intend to recruit employees to work on this project, contact the Research Foundation’s Human Resources Department. If you intend to assign an existing Foundation employee complete a new payroll authorization through the Electronic Payroll Authorization System (ePAS).

Procuring Supplies & Services

Research Foundation Finance & Administration uses a centralized purchasing function to assist in obtaining goods and services at the best possible value while adhering to purchasing guidelines and regulations. Purchasing policy and guidelines are located on the Finance & Administration page. All vendor purchases require that a purchase order be issued. Purchases orders are initiated by Principal Investigators, Co-Investigators and other specifically authorized staff by accessing the Purchase Requisition System at the link below:

Travel – Domestic and Foreign

Any travel out of town for one or more nights and any travel, regardless of duration, requiring the use of a rental car that is to be paid from a sponsored program or discretionary account requires advance  authorization. Please complete an Advanced Travel Authorization and submit to your Post-Award team member for approval before making travel arrangements. Foreign travel requires the completion of an Export Control Checklist, if not previously completed for the specific project. The use of a rental vehicle requires the completion of an Operating Vehicle for Business Purposes-Rental Car Form.

PI Portal

The PI Portal provides a single location for financial reports, budget information, payroll authorization requests and reporting options for departments and colleges. System access is authenticated through a user’s MIDAS ID. Information access is based upon defined roles and provides for hierarchal reporting to Academic Units. For additional information please contact your assigned Post-Award team member.

The Research Foundation developed the PI Portal as the mechanism to provide Primary Investigators. Co-Investigators, program and administrative staff real-time web-based information on their sponsored projects and discretionary accounts. Once an award has been received, required negotiations completed and fully executed documents are in place, the assigned Post-Award team member establishes a project account in the Research Foundation General Ledger and the PI Portal. All Primary Investigators and Co-Investigators receive automatic access to the project account. Additional access for program or administrative staff requires the completion of a Signature Authorization/Delegation/Portal Access Form.