NIH Applications - Upcoming Changes (08/13/2013)

Dear Faculty,

Effective September 25, 2013, the NIH will have new application instructions and forms that must be used for all proposals intended for due dates on or after September 25, 2013.  The changes to these instructions and forms incorporate numerous clarifications, updates, and policy announcements.  Please find the link to the NIH Notice for this change below as well as the link to the new NIH Application Guide.

NIH Notice NOT-OD-13-091:

NIH Application Guide Updated July 25, 2013: 

Changes of note for ODU Faculty include:

  • Proprietary Information:  new information regarding policies on the final determination of whether an application contains proprietary information and when it is released in response to a FOIA (see pages I-63 and I-110 of the Application Guide).


  • PIs and Key Personnel now allowed to list Patent Citations in section C of the Biographical Sketch (see page I-76 of the Application Guide).
  • “Part II – Supplemental Instructions for Preparing the Protection of Human Subjects Sections of the Research Plan” and “Part III – Policies, Assurances, Definitions, and Other Information” are now located in a separate “Supplemental Grant Application Instructions” document located here:   


  • Clarification has been given regarding the content of “Letters of Support” uploads (see page I-117 of the Application Guide).


If you have any questions about these changes please contact or your ODURF Pre-Award Team.

Good luck with your fall semester.  We look forward to working with you on your NIH proposals this year.

Your ODU Research Foundation Pre-Award Team