Important Information about the Old Dominion University Research Foundation Tax-Sheltered Retirement Plan (2/18/2013)

Old Dominion Research Foundation offers you the opportunity to save for retirement through the retirement plan. You have previously received a notice with information about fees associated with this retirement plan. This notice contains an update for you regarding those fees.

Several transaction-based fees will be adjusted effective 4/1/13. It’s important to note that these fees are only charged for the services you choose to utilize and the fee(s) for such services will be paid from your account, unless an alternative agreement with the plan sponsor exists. If you do not use these services you will not be assessed a fee for them. Fees will be collected based on the collection method established by the plan, or as indicated below:

• Defined contribution (DC) plan participant distributions: A $40 fee will be incurred each time a participant takes a distribution. An annual $40 fee (collected quarterly) will apply to new Installment elections, if available, under the plan.

• Loan setup/quarterly maintenance: The fee to set-up a new loan will increase to $50. A $12 per quarter maintenance fee will also apply for any new loans taken.

• Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) processing: Participants will be charged $350 for each QDRO processed. This processing fee applies in addition to any applicable fees charged for the service to review each Domestic Relations Order, if available under the plan. Fees will be deducted from the impacted participant and alternate payee’s account equally, unless another collection method has been requested in the QDRO, or established by the plan sponsor.

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