Feedback On Monthly Financial Reports (10/20/2014)

Monthly Reports Feedback

On Monday October 13th we distributed the first set of monthly reports from the new accounting system.  The reports were for the month ending September 30, 2014.  The purpose of this update is to provide you with some of the initial feedback we have received.

  • The format of the Project to Date Summary Report for the sponsored program accounts has been very well received. The columns reflecting Revised Budget, Actual Expenditure, Encumbrances and Available Budget are clear and concise. Removing the revenue object codes from this report and the Project Detail Report reduces the confusion sometimes caused with the positive and negative amounts of object code and total project overages.
  •  Some users noted that the font sized was too small on some reports. We have determined that the appearance of the smaller font changes during the transmission process. The actual reports that are generated from the general ledger system print in a legible size. As part of the distribution process the reports are run through a program that converts them into a Word format and then groups them for the e-mail distribution. We are working with the software vendor to determine a fix for this issue.
  • The Expanded General Ledger report that provides detail of transactions that posted during the month is missing the column heading for the Transaction Description, Effective Date and Debit Amount. The Credit Amount heading is not reflecting in the proper place. This issue is also a factor of the report distribution routine discussed above and we are working to correct. 
  • On the Encumbrance Summary Report it has been noted in a few situations the employee’s name did not carry through to the report. We are currently researching this issue.
  • In a very few incidents with the IDC roll-back accounts for matching requirements, as well as some discretionary accounts that utilize budgets there may be additional or custom reporting needed to clearly reflect activity and balances.  We are currently researching this issue to determine if a change in the procedures for the budget set-up for these accounts or additional reporting is the most appropriate course of action.
  • Receiving monthly reports in an Excel format has also been a frequent request and is being pursued. 
The new accounting system provides significantly enhanced reporting capabilities.  This is the very beginning of implementing this new reporting system and your continued feedback is very important to us.