Advanced Travel Authorization Reminder (2/8/2007)


The purpose of the Advance Travel Authorization procedure is to provide documentation for insurance purposes regarding travel at the Foundation as well as to verify the allowability, allocability, and reasonableness of proposed travel under a sponsored program.


Any travel involving use of a rental car or requiring at least one night’s hotel accommodations requires advance travel authorization. Travelers will not be reimbursed for travel expenses without obtaining an ATA number. The effective date of this procedure is April 22, 2004.


1) PI/Traveler makes tentative travel arrangements.
2) PI/Traveler calculates an estimate of the total cost of the trip to include transportation, lodging, per diem, registration fees, etc.
3) PI/Traveler contacts their Grants and Contracts Administrator (GCA) at ODURF and provides them with the following information:

Project number
Travel dates
Estimated Cost of Trip
Airfare Amount, if applicable
Rental Car Days, if applicable
Name of travel agency, if applicable

Upon verification of allowability, allocability, and reasonableness, PI/Traveler is issued an Advance Travel Authorization (ATA) number. This number is to be written down on the travel expense form when
settling expenses.

For frequent trips of less than one day in duration, one ATA number will be issued for each travel expense report. The traveler will need to notify the GCA of each trip to be include on the ATA number
in advance of the trip.

4) If a travel advance is required, PI/Traveler will complete a travel advance form. The ATA number is to be written below the Foundation form number, RFT number.
5) When recording expenses incurred on travel expense form, PI/Traveler must include ATA number below the Foundation form number, RFT number.
6) If PI/Traveler is using an approved travel agency:
a) CI Travel, 683-4997, is the Foundation’s preferred travel agency.
b) PI/Traveler contacts the travel agency with the ATA number to confirm travel arrangements.
c) PI/Traveler prepares a Requisition to Purchase form referencing the Foundation ATA number and other pertinent information involving the trip.
This form is signed by authorized personnel for the project and forwarded to the Foundation.
d) The travel agency courier delivers tickets to the address requested by the PI/Traveler.
e) The travel agency invoices the Foundation. The travel agency invoices the Foundation.
f) Upon receipt of invoice AND Requisition to Purchase form, the Foundation pays the travel agency.

Please contact your GCA should you have questions.