Purchasing Policy


The ODU Research Foundation provides services for the procurement of goods and services under sponsored programs, discretionary accounts and ODU Research Foundation operating expenses. Purchasing policies and procedures are designed to comply with the purchasing guidelines and cost principles found in 2 CFR Part 200 Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards and 48 CFR Part 31.2 Contracts with Commercial Organizations (Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)).

The Research Foundation’s goal for every purchasing transaction is to obtain the best value possible. The Research Foundation strives to procure most goods and services through the use of contracts and purchase orders with appropriate terms and conditions to properly protect the Research Foundation and the vendor. When bids are required by policy, they are to be conducted on an open and competitive basis and without favoritism. Interested suppliers will receive fair and impartial consideration.

Only persons officially designated within Finance and Administration shall have the authority to issue purchase orders. All contracts or agreements associated with a Purchase Order must be signed according to the Research Foundation signature authority. Individual departments or schools are not permitted to sign contracts or agreements on behalf of the Research Foundation. Contracts, proposals, or letters of intent that are signed and returned to suppliers directly by a department may be disclaimed by the Research Foundation and may not be binding on the Research Foundation.

Fiscal responsibility and accountability are deeply rooted in the concept of budgeting and the subsequent comparison of actual performance against budgets. Purchasing decisions are made by the Principal Investigator (PI) based upon the belief that the project will perform within the confines of their approved budgets. Purchase requisitions and other spending requests will not be processed for a grant or contract if budgeted funds are not available. The Sponsored Programs personnel are responsible to ensure that purchases are within the contract compliance, period of performance and availability of budget.

The Research Foundation is exempt from Virginia sales tax for purchases of tangible personal property, qualifying prepared meals and catering services. A tax exemption certificate is available from the Purchasing department and should be used in conjunction with any purchase made.


Principal Investigators (PIs) are responsible for communicating their requirements to the Research Foundation by submission of a purchase requisition and/or a request for bid that includes detailed specifications and/or requirements. A separate requisition must be submitted for each order. PIs, in certain circumstances, are authorized to use Procurement Cards (Bank of America Visa card).

PIs are required to adhere to Research Foundation policies when utilizing sources other than the Research Foundation for the acquisition of goods and services. Procurement cards issued to PIs and departments personnel have a $2,000 single purchase limit.

Prepaid purchases such as conference registrations, membership dues, and journal subscriptions do require a requisition, but not a Purchase Order.


The PI, or delegate, must submit a Purchase Requisition to begin the purchasing process. A requisition can be submitted via paper using the “Requisition to Purchase Supplies, Services, Equipment, Other” form or electronically from the ODURF website https://hera.odurf.odu.edu/purchasereq/purchasereq.php. The PI or delegate must have a valid MIDAS account to access the electronic requisition system.

Dollar Value of Purchase Quotations Required
$5,000 or less No quotations are required. Submit standard requisition to ODU Research Foundation Purchasing.
$5,001 to $25,000 Three quotations required. Telephone, internet or catalog references are acceptable.
$25,001 to $100,000 Three written quotations are required. Written quotations must be attached to requisition when submitted.
Over $100,000 Sealed bids. The Principal Investigator must provide written specifications. ODU Research Foundation Purchasing shall coordinate bid proposal and award process.

State and GSA Contracts –Any item covered by a Commonwealth of Virginia or General Service Administration (GSA) contract, regardless of the dollar amount, is exempt from the above guidelines.

Single Source Justification –Justification of single or sole source should include unique performance factors of the product specified, why these specific factors are required and what other products have been examined and why rejected. Equipment component or compatibility justification must identify the compatible equipment and vendor from whom purchased.

Requests for radioactive and biohazard items must be approved by the appropriate officer in the respective departments, and any request for controlled substances must be accompanied by DEA Form 222.

Receiving the Order

After the Purchase Order items have been received and inspected by the Department, the Department must sign the Receiving form indicating that the order is complete or partially complete, attach a copy of the packing slip (if available) and send to Accounts Payable. Departments must acknowledge that the order has been received or services performed before payment can be processed.

If there are any discrepancies between the invoice and the Purchase Order, Purchasing Services and the requesting department must resolve all issues PRIOR to the invoice being paid.


Most vendors require a Return Authorization be given before any returns can be made. The Purchasing staff is available to assist with the process of returning goods. Purchasing must be notified immediately if any goods are received in damaged condition.

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