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Contact Information                                  

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 6369

Norfolk, VA 23508-0369
Phone: (757) 683-4293
Fax: (757) 683-5290
Street Address:
4111 Monarch Way, Suite 204
Norfolk, VA 23508

Alphabetic Staff Listing (Click here for a Departmental Staff Listing.)

Name E-mail Address Contact Number Title
Barretto, Rosalyn rbarrett@odu.edu 757-683-7216 Accountant - Fixed Assets
Bellamy, Carey cbellamy@odu.edu 757-683-7235 Accounting Specialist - Travel/Reimbursements
Bennett, April arbennet@odu.edu 757-683-7230 Post-Award Grant & Contract Administrator
Brammer, Richard rbrammer@odu.edu 757-683-7224 Grant & Contract Administrator III- Pre-Award Supervisor
Bruce, Vanessa vbruce@odu.edu 757-683-7218 Payroll Administrator
Delgado, Annemarie adelgado@odu.edu 757-683-7237 Sr. Pre-Award Grant & Contract Administrator
Delacruz, Maria mdelacru@odu.edu 757-683-7236 Post-Award Grant & Contract Administrator
Dews, Terra tdews@odu.edu 757-683-7228 Post-Award Grant & Contract Administrator
Diener, Patty pdiener@odu.edu 757-683-7219 Accounting Specialist - Accounts Payable
Dixon, Sara sndixon@odu.edu 757-683-7245 Accounting Technician - Data Entry
Ellis, Becky rellis@odu.edu 757-683-7229 Sr. Post-Award Grant & Contract Administrator
Facenda, Julian jfacenda@odu.edu 757-683-7210 Executive Director
Fowler, Hope hfowler@odu.edu 757-683-7238 Director of Human Resources
Ganas, Kathy kganas@odu.edu 757-683-7217 Accounting Specialist - Purchasing
Garrison, Doreen dgarriso@odu.edu 757-683-7212 Controller
Golliher, Casey cgollihe@odu.edu 757-683-7211 Director of Finance & Administration
Goodrich, Trish pgoodric@odu.edu 757-683-7220 Accounting Specialist - Billing Administrator
Graff, John jgraff@odu.edu 757-683-7243 Systems Administrator
Hamilton, Dawn shamilto@odu.edu 757-683-7244 Business Administrator - FSO
Harris, Stephanie sl2harri@odu.edu 757-683-7225 Sr. Pre-Award Grant & Contract Administrator
Heitzman, Larry lheitzma@odu.edu 757-683-7239 Human Resources Coordinator
Jacobs, Sean sjacobs@odu.edu 757-683-7231 Grant & Contract Administrator
Jones, Letecia lljones@odu.edu 757-683-7214 Senior Accountant - Payroll Supervisor
Morse, Stacy smorse@odu.edu 757-683-7246 Receptionist
Odom, Deidre dnodom@odu.edu 757-683-7240 Human Resources Coordinator
Ortolano, Kim kortolan@odu.edu 757-683-7221 Grant & Contract Administrator
Sexton, Vici vxsexton@odu.edu 757-683-7241 HR/Payroll Specialist
Shaff-Frost, Shelly sshafffr@odu.edu 757-683-7242 Sr. Post-Award Grant & Contract Administrator
Snyder, Dan lsnyder@odu.edu 757-683-7234 Grant & Contract Coordinator
Sorrell, LaToya lsorrell@odu.edu 757-683-7213 Senior Accountant
Speas, Kathryn kspeas@odu.edu 757-683-7222 Administrative Specialist
Steinhart, Richard rsteinha@odu.edu 757-683-7223 Director of Sponsored Programs
Swartz, Nicole nswartz@odu.edu 757-683-7226 Sr. Pre-Award Grant & Contract Administrator
Thomas, Carly c1thomas@odu.edu 757-683-7232 Post-Award Grant & Contract Administrator
Uzel, Beverly buzel@odu.edu 757-683-7215 Senior Accountant
Vera, Chelsea c1vera@odu.edu 757-683-7233 Post-Award Grant & Contract Administrator

Departmental Staff Listing

Executive Director
Finance and Administration
Sponsored Programs
Human Resources
Information Systems

Executive DirectorTOP
Julian Facenda 757-683-7210 jfacenda@odu.edu
Finance and Administration TOP
Casey Golliher
Director of Finance and Administration
757-683-7211 cgollihe@odu.edu
Doreen Garrison
757-683-7212 dgarriso@odu.edu
Rosalyn Barretto
Accountant - Fixed Assets
757-683-7216 rbarrett@odu.edu
Carey Bellamy
Accounting Specialist - Travel/Reimbursements
757-683-7235 cbellamy@odu.edu
Vanessa Bruce
Payroll Administrator
757-683-7218 vbruce@odu.edu
Patty Diener
Accounting Specialist - Accounts Payable
757-683-7219 pdiener@odu.edu
Sara Dixon
Accounting Technician - Data Entry
757-683-7245 sndixon@odu.edu
Kathy Ganas
Accounting Specialist - Purchasing
757-683-7217 kganas@odu.edu
Trish Goodrich
Accounting Specialist - Billing Administrator
757-683-7220 pgoodric@odu.edu
Dawn Hamilton
Business Administrator - FSO
757-683-7244 shamilto@odu.edu
Letecia Jones
Senior Accountant - Payroll Supervisor
757-683-7214 lljones@odu.edu
Stacy Morse
Administrative Assistant - Receptionist
757-683-7246 smorse@odu.edu
LaToya Sorrell
Senior Accountant
757-683-7213 lsorrell@odu.edu
Kathyrn Speas
Administrative Specialist
757-683-7222 kspeas@odu.edu
Beverly Uzel
Senior Accountant
757-683-7215 buzel@odu.edu

Sponsored Programs TOP
Richard Steinhart
Director of Sponsored Programs
757-683-7223 rsteinha@odu.edu
Richard Brammer
Grant & Contract Administrator III -
Pre-Award Supervisor
757-683-7224 rbrammer@odu.edu
Annemarie Delgado
Sr. Pre-Award Grant & Contact Administraor
757-683-7237 adelgado@odu.edu
Stephanie Harris
Sr. Pre-Award Grant & Contract Administrator
757-683-7225 sl2harri@odu.edu
Sean Jacobs
Pre-Award Grant & Contract Administrator
757-683-7231 sjacobs@odu.edu
Nicole Swartz
Sr. Pre-Award Grant & Contract Administrator
757-683-7226 nswartz@odu.edu
April Bennett
Post-Award Grant & Contract Administrator
757-683-7230 arbennet@odu.edu
Maria Delacruz
Post-Award Grant & Contract Administrator
757-683-7236 mdelacru@odu.edu
Terra Dews
Post-Award Grant & Contract Administrator
757-683-7228 tdews@odu.edu
Becky Ellis
Sr. Post-Award Grant & Contract Administrator
757-683-7229 rellis@odu.edu
Kim Ortolano
Grant & Contract Coordinator
757-683-7221 kortolan@odu.edu
Shelly Shaff-Frost
Sr. Post-Award Grant & Contract Administrator
757-683-7242 sshafffr@odu.edu
Dan Snyder
Grant & Contract Coordinator
757-683-7234 lsnyder@odu.edu
Carly Thomas
Post-Award Grant & Contract Administrator
757-683-7232 c1thomas@odu.edu
Chelsea Vera
Post-Award Grant & Contract Administrator
757-683-7233 c1vera@odu.edu
Human Resources TOP
Hope Fowler
Director of Human Resources
757-683-7238 hfowler@odu.edu
Human Resources Generalist
Larry Heitzman
Human Resources Coordinator
757-683-7239 lheitzma@odu.edu

Deidre Odom
Human Resources Coordinator

757-683-7240 dnodom@odu.edu
Vici Sexton
Human Resources - Payroll Specialist
757-683-7241 vxsexton@odu.edu
Information Systems TOP
John Graff
Systems Administrator
757-683-7243 jgraff@odu.edu