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NSF FY 2009 R&D Expenditures Ranking

On September 27, the NSF released R&D expenditure rankings for all institutions based on FY 2009 data. For detail breakdown, please visit the link


Please note we expect to see shifts in ranking starting next year (with FY 2010 numbers and rankings to be announced in Fall 2011) since some of the current ranking categories do not adequately account for non-science and non-engineering (non-S&E) fields. In future years, Total R&D will be expanded to include R&D expenditures in both S&E and non-S&E fields. The definition of R&D will also include research training grants and clinical trials.

Here's a summary for the just-released FY 2009 ranking:

(a) ODU pulled further ahead of CWM this year with gap between the two increasing in all major categories - Total R&D, Federal R&D, Non-federal R&D, and industry R&D.

(b) ODU did hold its position in the category of an institution (without a medical school) at 61st - now two years in a row.

(c) In the last 6 years, ODU moved ahead 26 positions (to 155) in Total R&D amongst Public plus Privates, 20 positions (to 111) in Total R&D Public, 10 positions (to 61) in Total R&D with no-Medical School, 13 positions (to 169) in Federal R&D, 46 positions (to 131) in Non-federal R&D, and 43 positions (to 113) in Industrial R&D. The largest one-year gain was in the category of "industrial R&D" - this moved ahead by 26 positions.

(d) ODU lost its relative position in DOD and DOE (Energy) funding while improved that with respect to NIH, NASA, and NSF funding. ODU's relative position with NIH continues to show the most growth (moved 12 positions in one year and 100 positions in 6 years). Unfortunately, there's no comparable ranking for US Department of Education funding in which is ODU is very strong (this is reflected by our federal R&D ranking of education as can be seen in Item "e" below).

(e) Top 100 disciplinary "Federal" R&D expenditure ranking from ODU includes:

aerospace engineering (35);
civil engineering (71);
education (12);
electrical engineering (64);
engineering (83);
engineering-other (28);
environmental science (39);
mathematics (82);
mechanical engineering (68);
non-science and non-engineering (24); and oceanography (36); and

Please note that "Engineering-Other" in case of ODU includes both Engineering Management & Systems Engineering and Technology programs.

(f) Top 100 disciplinary "Total" R&D expenditure ranking from ODU includes:

aerospace engineering (19);
business/management (15);
civil engineering (71);
economics (73);
education (9);
electrical engineering (50);
engineering (64);
environmental science (55);
humanities (31);
mathematics (87);
mechanical engineering (98);
non-science and non-engineering (24);
oceanography (35);
physics (94);
political science (72); and
visual and performing arts (8).

(g) In both Total and Federal R&D expenditures, ODU moved ahead significantly in Life Sciences field as well as in both Biological and Medical subfield categories.

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