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Old Dominion University Research Foundation collaborates with the university for the successful administration of sponsored programs by providing responsive and cost-effective support.

  • Darden College's CSEEP Receives Innovation in Teacher Education Award
  • Seagrass Experiments with Victoria Hill
  • Maritime Port Modeling
  • CLAS 12 REGION II Drift Chamber
  • Victoria Hill with CTD Rosette device
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MIDAS ID. Information access is based upon defined roles and provides for

hierarchal reporting to Academic Units.

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Payroll Verification (07/27/2020)

Proposal Submissions - May 15th Due Date (05/01/2020)

New Timesheet Reporting System (04/29/2020)

Purchasing and Reimbursement Forms (3/26/2020)

Processing Paperwork (3/24/2020)

University Research Continuity Guidelines (3/19/2020)

Department of Energy COVID19 Information and FAQ's (3/17/2020)

Research Foundation - COVID19 Update (3/16/2020)

Timesheet Reporting (3/15/2020 to 3/28/2020)

Suspension of All University Sponsored Travel to China (02/3/2020)

Policy on Internal Deadline for Sponsored Programs Applications to External Organizations (01/23/2020)

2020 Mileage Reimbursement Rate (01/06/2020)

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