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Old Dominion University Research Foundation is a separate employer from Old Dominion University. All persons employed ("paid") by the Research Foundation are required to complete and maintain all employee paperwork for the Research Foundation, even if they also have completed paperwork for employment by the University. The requirement for separate employee paperwork applies to all persons employed by both the University and the Research Foundation, including students, staff, classified and hourly employees, and ODU Faculty who are also paid by the Research Foundation.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Work for the Research Foundation is not authorized until the U. S. Department of Justice I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form and all other required employee paperwork has been completed. Delayed paperwork will result in delayed work and being paid!

Forms Required To Be Completed By Employee

The Research Foundation has revised its procedures to encourage compliance with Federal e-Verify requirements.  E-Verify requirements came into effect September 2009, yet the Research Foundation continues to find there are new employees who did not complete required paperwork within three (3) days of hire.  Significant fines and the potential for debarment as a federal contractor are consequences for violations of rules governing the mandatory E-Verify programWe ask that principal investigators and other hiring authorities have new employees come to the Research Foundation office on their first day of work to complete new hire paperwork and turn in their Payroll Authorization Form (108). 

The complete text of the revised procedure, to be added to the next revision of the Research Foundation Employee Handbook, is as follows:

All new and returning employees are required to complete an employment application and new hire paperwork no sooner than a job offer has been accepted and no later than the first day the employee engages in work for the Research Foundation.  ‘New hire paperwork’ includes Federal (W-4) and Commonwealth (VA-4) tax forms, Federal Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9), and other paperwork required by law or by the policies of the Research Foundation.

A non-documented or improperly documented worker is not authorized to work.  Consequently, if a Payroll Authorization Form (108) has been submitted for a new employee, but the required new hire paperwork (including the I-9) is not completed, salaried employees will be placed on unpaid suspensions and wage and part-time employees will be removed from the payroll system until new hire paperwork is completed and employment eligibility is determined and documented   If neither a Payroll Authorization Form (108) nor new hire paperwork has been completed, the worker is not yet a Research Foundation employee and cannot perform any work.

U.S. citizens and permanent residents will complete paperwork at the Research Foundation.  Non-resident aliens will complete paperwork at International Student and Scholar Services Center, on campus.  The Research Foundation does not discriminate against applicants or employees on the basis of citizenship or national origin.

All new Regular Status employees, Self-Supporting Research Professionals and Postdoctoral Associates are required to go through an orientation at the Research Foundation.  Orientation acquaints new employees with the Research Foundation's policies, procedures, fringe benefits, and other general information about the Research Foundation. Orientation at the work site should include introducing the employee to other staff members, touring appropriate buildings and facilities, and providing specific details about the Research Foundation and work site procedures.

Should you have any questions please call or e-mail:
ODU Research Foundation Human Resources at 757-683-4293
Rana Harper, 757-683-7239 (rharper@odu.edu);
Deidre Odom, 757-683-7240 (dnodom@odu.edu).

Where to complete required employee paperwork

U.S. citizens and aliens lawfully admitted for permanent residency: Complete the I-9, tax forms and other required forms at the Research Foundation office, 4111 Monarch Way, Suite 204. Forms must be completed at the Research Foundation prior to payroll processing deadlines for a new employee to receive a check. Paperwork received after the deadlines may be held until the next payroll cycle. See Research Foundation Pay Schedule for required due dates.

Non-resident aliens: Complete the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification, tax forms and other required employee forms at the International Student and Scholar Services office in Dragas International Center. Please be advised that employment is not authorized until completed paperwork is received by the Research Foundation from the International office. International students and scholars must allow additional time for the International office staff to complete and approve their paperwork and any applicable tax treaty documents. Paperwork received after the deadlines may be held until the next payroll cycle.

Forms Required To Be Completed By Employing Project PI

Payroll Authorization Form (108)

Supplemental Compensation Authorization
All employees of Old Dominion University (Faculty, Faculty Administrators, Faculty Professionals, Classified, and Temporary) seeking payment for supplemental work performed through the Research Foundation must submit a completed Supplemental Compensation Authorization in addition to the 108 Payroll Authorization Form, Faculty complete a "Faculty Supplemental Compensation Form". All others complete a "Non-Faculty Supplemental Compensation Form".

Notification of Old Dominion University Human Resources of supplemental work
Classified and hourly employees of Old Dominion University also must file an "Old Dominion University Employee Secondary Employment with ODURF "form with University Human Resources to obtain approval for outside work with the Research Foundation.

Contact ODU Research Foundation Human Resources for assistance at:

757-683-4293; Hope Fowler (HR Director) 757-683-7238, Rana Harper 757-683-7239, Deidre Odom 757-683-7240.