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Regular: Full time employee scheduled to work 30 hours or more per week with the anticipated duration of 6 months or more. Eligible for fringe benefits. Competitive recruiting through Research Foundation process required (See Recruiting Process instructions below). Budget object code 5190 for Professional positions; budget object code 5132 for Technical and Clerical positions.

Temporary (non-student): Non-student employee may be full time (30 hours or more per week) for no greater that 6 consecutive months. Competitive recruiting through Research Foundation process required for full time temporary positions (30 or more hours per week) exceeding 60 days in duration (See Recruiting Process instructions below). Non competitive appointments permitted only for full time employment of less than 60 days duration, or part-time position of less than 30 hours per week. Employment applications must be completed regardless of whether competitive or noncompetitive recruitment. Recruiting assistance available for part time temporary employees through Research Foundation. Budget object code 5131.

Casual Student: Appointments made for undergraduate and graduate students by Principal Investigator. Casual students typically recruited by Principal Investigator through Department. Recruiting assistance available for casual student through Research Foundation. Maximum 20 hours per week performance during academic periods. May work more during breaks and summer period. Budget object code 5131.

Graduate Research Assistant (GRA): Graduate student appointments made through University process and academic department. Nominal 20 hour per week performance during academic periods. Budget object code 5130.

Faculty: University academic faculty who are conducting summer research, or research overload during academic year with approval from ODU Academic Affairs, and are receiving direct pay though the Research Foundation. University faculty are recruited by university through university process. Budget object code 5120.

Self Supporting Research Professional (SSRP): Appointed by University. May also have Research Faculty status at university. Generally employed full-time and eligible for fringe benefits. Responsible to generate own support. Budget object code 5190.

Postdoctoral Associate: Further training appointments anticipated to last 1 to 2 years in duration. Competitive recruiting through Research Foundation process required (See Recruiting Process instructions below). May use competitive recruiting conducted through University process with prior approval of Research Foundation Human Resources Department and documentation of recruitment actions undertaken. Budget object code 5195.


The Old Dominion University Research Foundation is a federal contractor and is required to adhere to numerous employment regulations concerning Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action in all of its recruiting and employment practices. These requirements apply to employment opportunities filled through the competitive Research Foundation recruiting process, and to GRA and Casual Student appointments recruited and filled by the PI. The PI as the hiring decision-maker is responsible for insuring adherence to all applicable legal requirements in recruiting and selecting their employees. Guidance and assistance with adherence to lawful employment practices and requirements is available by contacting the Research Foundation Human Resources Department.

Contact Human Resources (HR) for assistance in recruiting for all Regular status, Postdoctoral Associate, and Temporary (non-student) positions working 30 hours per week or more and exceeding 60 days in duration. Assistance is also provided in recruiting for other types of employees (Casual Students, Graduate Research Assistants, short term and part-time Temporary) as requested by the PI.


The following processes and steps are typically completed during the recruiting process. Items are listed in their approximate order of occurrence during the recruiting process:

  • Written Position Description and recruitment advertisement(s) established with PI. Minimum education, experience, knowledge qualifications, and skill requirements identified.

  • Pay band and starting rate established with PI.

  • Overtime eligibility or exemption from overtime determined by HR.

  • Advertisements and job postings approved by PI are placed by HR in agreed upon media. PI provides project number(s) to be charged.

  • Resumes/applications are received and tracked by HR. Electronic copies are sent by e-mail to PI for review. PI provided with "Applicant Status Sheet" to rate minimum qualifications and indicate outcome of candidate review.

  • NOTE: Any Resumes or letters of interest for a listed vacancy sent directly to the PI with out going through the ODURF jobs system must be forwarded to Human Resources for in processing and tracking.

  • PI reviews all candidates and determines if minimum qualifications are met. PI indicates if individual meets minimum qualifications or not on the "Applicant Status Sheet". Individuals meeting minimum qualifications are considered as qualified applicants for reporting and tracking requirements.

  • PI selects qualified applicants to be interviewed. PI notes if selected for interview or not on "Applicant Status Sheet". Note that during a federal recruiting compliance audit the PI may be asked why certain individuals from the minimum qualified group were selected for interview and other were not. PI should keep notes sufficient to answer auditor questions. May annotate reason for non-selection on Applicant Status sheet.

  • PI or selection committee interviews selected applicants. PI notes interview date(s) on "Applicant Status Sheet". Interview assistance and information on permissible and prohibited inquiries during the interview process are available from HR. If you are not well versed on lawful interviewing practices please contact HR for information and guidance.

  • PI notifies HR of applicant(s) selected for position. PI indicates outcome, Not Hired or Hired, on "Applicant Status Sheet" for all applicants who were interviewed.

  • PI returns all annotated and signed "Applicant Status Sheets" to Research Foundation HR

  • PI sends "Regret Letter" to all other applicants who were interviewed. HR will assist with regret letters upon request of the PI. Sample letter format available from HR.

  • Human Resources will make an official and formal offer of employment. Any job offer to the selected candidate must come from the Research Foundation Executive Director or designated human resources official(s) to be binding.

  • Upon acceptance of the offer, HR will establish starting date and will make an appointment for new employee sign-up on the employee's first day of employment.

IMPORTANT REMINDER - PI must maintain copies of all recruiting documentation (interview notes, reference letters, etc.) not returned to the Research Foundation for a period of at least 3 years for EEO/AA compliance. The Research Foundation has maintained the originals of all resumes and applications received. The Resume and application copies that were sent to PI’s may be keep or destroyed after the recruitment cycle has finished.

Should you have any questions, please call or e-mail:
ODU Research Foundation Human Resources at 757-683-4293
Rana Harper, 757-683-7239 (
Deidre Odom, 757-683-7240 (

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