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Steps to Creating a Successful Proposal
Organizational Information for Completion of Proposal Forms
Completing the Proposal Transmittal Form
Copying and Mailing the Proposal
Who Can Help

Overview TOP

In broad summary, the preparation of a grant application for submission involves 1) locating a funding source; 2) writing a narrative such that the science is both of high quality and well presented; 3) Preparing the rest of the sponsor requested documents which include the budget and other required forms; 4) completing a Proposal Transmittal Form; and 5) submitting the proposal packet to the funding source by the deadline date.

Steps to Creating a Successful Proposal TOP

Per directive dated September 25, 2008, ODURF will guarantee on-time submission of proposals when all documents, including the completed and signed Proposal Transmittal Form, are received five business days prior to the proposal deadline.  See http://researchfoundation.odu.edu/news/09-25-08.htm for further information.


Tax Identification/Employer Identification
IRS Employer TIN/EIN                                       Please call our office at 757-683-4293 to obtain this number.
NIH Entity Code (for use with NIH only)     1546068198A1

Commercial and Government Entity System
            CAGE Code                                                   5D075

North American Industry Classification System
            NAICS Code (1)                                            541710
            NAICS Code (2)                                            541720

Dun and Bradstreet Number
            DUNS No.                                                      077945947

Federal Interagency Committee on Education
            FICE Code                                                     003728

Standard Industrial Classification
            SIC Code                                                        8733

NSF Organizational Code (Awardee)                          0037283001
NSF Organizational Code (Performing-ODU)       0037283000

Animal Assurance Number (IACUC)                     A-3172-01

Federal Wide Assurance Number (FWA)
            Human Subjects                                                     00000273, expires May 21, 2024

Cognizant Federal Agency Contact:
             Linda B. Shipp
             Contracting Officer
             Office of Naval Research
             (703) 696-8559

Miscellaneous Information
            Oversight Agency                                                  Department of Defense (DOD)
            Congressional District                                         Virginia, 3rd District (VA-003)
            Trading Partner ID Number (TPIN)               FEID (Federal Identification Number)
            ODU DUNS No.                                                        041448465
            ODU TIN No.                                                            Please call Old Dominion University to obtain this number.

Completing the Proposal Transmittal Form TOP

The Proposal Transmittal Form is the legal document with which the Research Foundation is authorized by the University to process funding applications and awards. Any investigator applying for funding is REQUIRED to complete a Proposal Transmittal Form.

Assigned pre-award GCA will provide principal investigator with form.

Provide the requested basic information (name, title, etc.) and attach an abstract of the proposal. Your pre-award GCA will complete the "budget data" portion. Also complete the "Investigator(s) Disclosures and Assurances" section. This is where investigators are required to disclose any significant financial interest that would reasonably appear to be affected by the research proposed.

For more information, please contact your assigned pre-award GCA.

If the project involves human subjects, animals, radioactive substances, hazardous wastes, biohazards, etc., then the Investigator must design the proposal to comply with the laws governing such research.

Intellectual Property generally refers to patent, copyrights, trade secrets, etc., that might be utilized in or result from research activity. If the proposal includes the use of or development of an existing intellectual property, or the likely creation of a patentable invention or software, mark the Intellectual Property box on the Non-Standard Proposal Transmittal Form and contact the Office of Research Licensing Manager, for assistance. In addition, if the solicitation for research proposals or any documents provided by the sponsor contain language related to intellectual property, contact the Office of Research Licensing Manager for assistance before developing/submitting the proposal. Some solicitations or sponsorship agreements contain clauses which contravene state law.

Required Signatures for Proposal Transmittal Forms include: the Principal Investigator(s), the Department Chair(s), the College Dean(s) and the Vice President for Research, when applicable.

The Investigator is responsible for obtaining all signatures prior to submitting the Proposal Transmittal Form to their pre-award GCA. Completed and signed Proposal Transmittal Forms are required before the proposal packet can be submitted to the sponsor. PLEASE ALLOW ADEQUATE TIME FOR DEPARTMENT/DEAN OFFICE REVIEW AS WELL AS ODURF PROPOSAL PACKET FINAL REVIEW AND SUBMISSION TO SPONSOR.

Copying/Mailing/Electronic Processing of the Proposal

The ODU Research Foundation is the authorized official for submission of all electronic and hardcopy proposals to funding agency.  If hardcopy proposal, the research Foundation will make the appropriate number of copies of the proposal (when necessary) and submit them to the sponsors per their instructions.

Who Can Help TOP

Funding Sources:
The ODU Office of Research subscribes to Grant Forward so that all ODU faculty, students and staff can search for funding opportunities. Links to databases and many funding agencies are maintained on the ODU Office of Research's Opportunities for Funding webpage. For assistance in identifying funding opportunities or for additional information, please contact Dan Campbell, Research Development and Outreach Coordinator, at dcampbel@odu.edu.

Narrative Preparation:
The Office of Research currently offers assistance through Grant Development Specialists (GDS). Contact information for the GDS may be found on the Office of Research Directory. The Grant Development Specialists' services include: developing an initial proposal outline based on solicitation or agency specific requirements; reviewing the proposal to assure required components are addressed; specific guidance in proposal writing and editing; drafting and obtaining letters of support; and coordination of grant teams and related resources. They also serve as a liaison between the colleges and the Office of Research in identifying funding opportunities and networking for collaborative research projects. To request assistance, fill in the request form. For additional information regarding proposal narrative preparation, visit the ODU site here.

Budget Development, Subcontracts:
The ODU Research Foundation pre-award GCA assists Investigators in creating budgets, writing budget cost detail justifications, and completing the Proposal Transmittal Form. The pre-award GCA also works with Investigators in obtaining the necessary materials from prospective sub-recipients for inclusion in the proposal budget.

Human Subjects, Radiation Safety and other areas of Research Compliance:
Adam Rubenstein (arubenst@odu.edu), Research Compliance Coordinator is the liaison to the University's research protocol review committees (human subjects, animal subjects, radiation safety, & biosafety). He ensures compliance with federal regulations governing research risks and he reviews research proposals for adherence to federal and internal procedures and guidelines. Also, he coordinates training and education regarding research ethics and professional development. For more information, please go to the Research Compliance webpage: http://www.odu.edu/ao/research/compliance/index.shtml

Intellectual Property:
Khaled Abul-Hassan (kabulhas@odu.edu) is the Director of Patents & Licensing and his primary responsibility is to evaluate and market ODU intellectual property and technology, including the prosecution of patents and copyrights and the negotiation of licensing 2greements. For more information, please go to the Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer webpage at: http://www.odu.edu/ao/research/ip/index.shtml


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