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Accounting/Procurement Human Resources Employment Disability Access Grants and Contracts Intellectual Property Security Forms Reports Policies/Procedures

These forms require Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or Adobe Reader to view them.

Employment applications are accepted only for listed vacancies. See Employment Opportunities for application instructions.

Human Resources
     New Hire Packet - Non-Benefited   PDF
     Employment Application   PDF
     I-9 Form PDF
     I-9 Instructions PDF
     Child Support Authorization   PDF
     Handbook Acknowledgement   PDF
     Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability - 2020   PDF
     VA-4 Form PDF
     W4 Form PDF
     Voluntary EEO Form (Post-employment self-identification) PDF
     Tax Sheltered Retirement Plan Payroll Deduction Form (Voluntary election)   PDF
     Timesheet Instructions - Employees   PDF
     New Hire Packet - Benefited   PDF
     Allstate Critical Care Enrollment Form   PDF
     Allstate Claim Forms   PDF
     Dependent Care Enrollment Form 2019 - 20   PDF
     MetLife Dental Enrollment & Change Form   PDF
     MetLife Life and LTD Enrollment Form FY2021   PDF
     MetLife Supplemental Life Insurance Enrollment & Change Form Word
     MetLife Beneficiary Change Form FY2021   PDF
     MetLife Life Statement of Health Form FY2021   PDF
     MetLife Hyatt Legal Services Will Prep FY2020   PDF
     Optima Health Enrollment form FY2021   PDF
     Optima Plus PPO Enrollment & Change Form   PDF
     Optima Vantage HMO Enrollment & Change Form   PDF
     OptumRx Online
     Tax Sheltered Retirement Plan Beneficiary Form   PDF
     403(b) Enrollment Documents   PDF
     VSP Enrollment Form   PDF
     OPTUMRx Perscription Drug Delivery Order Form   PDF
     Public Service Loan Forgiveness Form   PDF
     TRICARE Supp-Enrollment Form FY2021   PDF
     Address - Name Change Form   PDF
     Employee Emergency Contact Form   PDF
     EWS Account Setup   PDF
     Employee Appraisal - Self Evaluation   PDF
     Emplyee Appraisal Blank   PDF
     Interim Evaluation Form   PDF
     2019-20 Academic Pay Schedule   PDF
     2020-21 Academic Pay Schedule   PDF
     2020 Faculty Summer Pay Schedule   PDF
     2020 Calendar Year Pay Schedule   PDF
     2021 Calendar Year Pay Schedule   PDF
     Electronic Payroll Authorization System ePAS Link
     Timesheet Instructions - PI Approval and Delegation   PDF
     Timesheet Instructions - Employees   PDF
     Time sheet - (Due 10:00AM Per Pay Schedule) Timesheet Link
     2020 W4 Tax Form Information PDF
     W4 Form PDF
     Tax Form Request Word
     2020 Holiday Closing Schedule   PDF
     Leave Form Word PDF
     Tuition Assistance Agreement   PDF
     Tuition Assistance Application   PDF
     Employee Excellence Award Instructions   PDF
     Employee Excellence Nomination Form   PDF
     High Five Recognition Instructions   PDF
     High Five Recognition Card   Excel
     Non-Faculty Supplemental Compensation Authorization   PDF
     Recruiting Information Form Word PDF
     Approval Form for ODU Classified Employees Word PDF
     Position Description Form
Word PDF
     Faculty Supplemental Compensation Authorization
Form W-9 PDF
Procurement Card Agreement Word PDF
Procurement Card Application Word PDF
Procurement Card Settlement Word PDF
Property Control Form PDF
Consultant/Honorarium & Reimbursement Form PDF
Travel Advance/Expense Report PDF
Purchase Requisition (Contact Shannon McCann at 757-683-7217 for instructions on obtaining access.) Online
Receiving Report Word PDF
Signature Authorization PDF
Grants & Contracts
Conflict of Interest Form   PDF
Export Control Checklist PDF
Technology Control Plan Word
Online Proposal Transmittal Form   Online
Budget Development Form PDF
Advance Travel Authorization (ATA) Request Form COVID-19 PDF
Advance Travel Authorization (ATA) Request Form PDF
Operating Vehicle for Business Purposes - Rental Car Form PDF
ODU Significant Financial Interests Report Word