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Old Dominion University Research Foundation’s (the Foundation) policies and procedures require that any financial transaction initiated be done so with appropriate levels of authorization. Signature authority is the responsibility of designated Primary Investigator on individual project accounts, cost centers, overhead accounts and discretionary accounts. Co-Principal Investigators have automatic signature authority for projects on which they are so designated. Signature authorization may be delegated to staff or research assistants only upon expressed written approval of the Principal or Co-Investigator.

The Old Dominion University Research Foundation Signature Authorization / Delegation Form is the mechanism that is used to authenticate or delegate signature authorization. Part A – SIGNATURE AUTHORIZATION is completed for any investigator with an account established at the Foundation. Part A is to be completed only once and becomes a permanent record for signature verification purposes. Part B – SIGNATURE DELEGATION is initiated by the Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator to identify the specific projects or accounts and individuals for which authority is delegated. Limited signature authorization is allowed up to certain dollar limitations designated by the Investigator. Signature authorization may be delegated for the following functions:

  • Advanced Travel Authorization Requests

  • Budget Revisions

  • Employee Payroll Authorizations

  • Employee Timesheets

  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Procurement Card Settlements

  • Receiving Reports Cards

  • Travel and other reimbursements, payments

  • Consultant / Reimbursement Requests

In addition to the above delegated authority, Part B is used to grant employee access for the purpose of receiving monthly sponsored project, discretionary and cost center reports as well as granting access to these reports via the PI Portal.

The signature authorization form is located on the Foundation's web page. This fillable form is to be printed in paper copy with original signatures of designated personnel obtained. The form is to be returned to the Research Foundation located at 4111 Monarch Way Suite 204 in the Innovation Research Park, Building 1.

Signature authorization remains in effect indefinitely. On an annual basis, at the beginning of each academic year, the Foundation will request that all signature delegations be updated.


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